Training and a job search

Last month, the company I helped start over seven years ago was pretty much put out of business by a key vendor. The cause is long and mostly a painful story that can’t be shared until everything is sorted out. The only thing I will say at this point is that I’m looking for a job.

This is a difficult position for me because I haven’t been on the job market since 1996. At that time, I was managing creative teams. Since then, my experiences have grown leaps and bounds. I remember early 2000 when we were forming the company and the many days that I would sit back in amazement over everything that was happening. I had planned business previously, but in those situations I was an influencer, not the decision maker. That leap in responsibility was a true leap of faith. Fortunately, I am highly confident that I jumped (and landed) very well. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything!

That brings me to today and my struggles to effectively put on paper everything that I have learned, experienced, and accomplished. I’ve read two different books on resume writing and I’ve read various blogs and other posting on the Internet in search of the best techniques for describing me. This morning, I realized that I am too focused on the words. For my personality type, I need to focus more on the process and getting there…In many ways, it’s just like training for a race. I need to break everything down to the basics and slowly add [fitness] to achieve the desired outcome. Instead of improved VO2 or increased LT, I’m working for clear and concise accounts of what happened. It all starts with a plan.


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