Atlanta…In The Snow

I traveled to Atlanta to work with Ivox again this weekend. Since Traci and I have discussed relocating to the area, I gave myself extra time to play in the city, look at neighborhoods, and join a group ride. I even found a local shop that rents Dura Ace-equipped TCR Advanced bikes. Wow! I searched online and found several rides that included all the buzz words: rolling terrain, tough climb, 4 major climbs, and 17% grade. I was ready.

I woke up this morning to a familiar winter sound: sleet hitting the window. Wait! This is Atlanta. The south. It shouldn’t be sleeting. I jumped out of bed and saw that it was in fact sleeting and snowing. So much for a group ride…or seeing the city for that matter. There’s no way I’m venturing out on the roads in this weather. Being from KC, I have complete confidence in my winter-driving skills; it’s all the other “southerners” that concern me. Fortunately, I’m staying at the Perimeter, so food, shopping, and other things to do are nearby.

The weather is supposed to break this afternoon…just in time to go to work. Fun.



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