Bicycle Shack Winter Training Ride

OK. So it wasn’t an official team training ride. But, that makes for a better title than Group Ride or Seven Fruitcakes Riding Across the Missouri Countryside on a Cold Winter’s Day.

The group (Jim, Jeremy, Jerry, Brian B., Mark, and Jeff) met in Blue Springs for a 3 to 3.5 hour ride. It was just a tad chilly at the start, around 28, but it quickly warmed to bearable and then comfortable temps. The roads were coated with winter muck: snow, ice, salt, sand, and craters left by snowplows all made for nasty conditions.

Our route took us from Blue Springs to Lexington and then looped back through Buckner and East Independence. This is a great ride with several roller-coaster sections and a few steeper climbs. While the pace was generally in the comfortable range (average speed was around 18), my legs blew up around mile 45. With only trainer rides of 1.5 to 2 hours logged, my body wasn’t ready for 3+ hours of riding, yet alone the rolling terrain. I was able to recover during the flat section of 78 Hwy only to suffer from cramps in my lower back around mile 60. The pain limited my ability to ride at pace, which left me off the back for the last 7 or so miles. Add in three flats, and the group was more than accommodating to wait for me. Big thanks to Jeremy, Brian and the others for loaning me tubes and CO2 charges–I never plan for 3 flats! I’ll get you back soon.

Weatherman say it’ll be close to 60 tomorrow. Hopefully my legs will recover enough to give me 2 hours again tomorrow!


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