Training = Heel Pain

With work calming down a bit, I finally settled into my planned training schedule ( Mon, off; Tue/Thu, HIT & Pi-yo; Wed/Fri/Sun, Weights & Endurance Rides; Sat, LSD) . I was previously able to maintain a hit-and-miss routine, getting 3 or 4 quality workouts per week. But, having a full week of training has been awesome. HR is dropping during high-intensity efforts, flexibility is improving thanks to Pi-yo, and I feel great. I’m traveling again next week, but that trip should only interrupt my Wed workout.

For some reason my left heel starting hurting pretty badly two days ago. It’s bad enough that I can’t walk on it. I looked into plantar fasciitis and determined that it’s probably not that. This pain is more like a bruise and came on instantly. I’ve kept weight off and tried to stretch my foot/leg as specified for pf (just in case), but the pain persists. I plan to give it a few more days then will probably visit the foot doc.

I’ve heard of cycling-related aches and pains, but heel pain?


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