Crown Center – What Do You Want to Be?

Today was cold with winter weather and Traci was off for a mom’s special day so I decided to take the boys to Crown Center. The shopping center had a children’s exhibit, What Do You Want to Be?, complete with whimsical interactive stage sets that let kids act out being an astronaut, firefighter, teacher, circus clown and many other professions. The boys, like every kid there, were wild!

Zach and Caleb in school.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of this show were all the parents jockeying for position so they could snap the perfect picture. I was there with my camera, too, bending and twisting to fit into the tiny kid-sized spaces. I stopped taking pics after I realized how much of a flash-fest this place was. The boys and I wondered around, acting out various characters.

Barber Caleb Mechanic Zach

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