Winter Rolls

Another winter storm rolled into town this weekend. Saturday morning was OK, with temps around 35. I should have been out, riding miles. But, Saturday morning was family time–trip to Crown Center and Zach’s playmate’s birthday party. It started raining before the party was over, and I didn’t have the umph to get on the trainer again. So I skipped riding yesterday. I did get in 20 minutes of yoga followed by 20 minutes of pilates focused on core strength.

This morning the rain switched to snow, with predictions in the 2-8″ range. I jumped on the trainer and tuned into Lost season 2 on Despite having a specific workout and engaging entertainment to watch, it was difficult to maintain focus. Riding the trainer is boring, boring, boring right now. I’ve logged over 550 miles this season, with only 126 of them ridden outside. It’s time for a change!

Simonelli called me this week, asking if I was interested in training (on the trainer) with him. I haven’t called him back (sorry Ben!) yet, but I plan to do so this week. Maybe joining a teammate will help the hours pass.

There is hope for the world!:


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