Season Opener

Froze Toes, a road race rightfully named considering temps are typically near freezing, was this weekend. I wasn’t there. Without a [race-worthy] ride and tired from a week of travel for work I couldn’t justify the trip and effort. I woke up Sunday with a huge smile, though…it snowed overnight! While I really wanted to be racing I was thankful that I missed this one.

Teammates that raced did well. Big congrat to Jeremy for finishing 5th in the 1/2/3 race! Pedal bitch. Tall Bryan, Mark K., and Sheri all placed well. I heard there were two crashes…(how about a report guys???)

After the mercury rose a bit, Tim and I headed to Parkville to ride the top loop of Stage 1 from the 2007 Tour of Missouri. A southwest wind made the long flat stretch along the river sail by. Our average was up over 27 after 15 miles. The euphoria was short lived, switching quickly to pain and strain as we turned south/southwest on N Hwy. The ride home was mostly a grind with only a few sections of worthy riding.

It was great to be outside. And, burning thighs actually felt good. I can’t wait to roll up to the line!


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