What a week

Interruptions in training seem to be the norm this season. As soon as things get on track work, illness, or the lazies get in the way. Last week was a great case in point. The week started with a drive home from Atlanta. I left the big ATL at 2:30 Saturday afternoon with plans to drive until I was tired. Everything rolled along and before I knew it I was in STL at 10:00 and wide awake. Then Columbia. Then Booneville…and then T.I.R.E.D! I stopped at my favorite truck stop (Pilot) for coffee and a trucker-sized bear claw pastry. The caffeine and sugar carried me home, where I arrived at 2:00AM Sunday. I piled in the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Sunday afternoon I mustered up the energy for a ride. I set out with no particular destination or time limit in mind. I simply wanted to ride. I ended up riding from Longview to Lotawana and back on Colburn and Victoria. This is a great route with lots of rollers and a few stiff ups, especially in JoCoMo Park.

I woke up Monday to that dreaded feeling; I was sick again. This wasn’t the flu, though. I think it was a combination of exhaustion and allergies. I had what felt like a migraine headache complete with nausea and more pain with light. I spent the entire day in bed. The terrible feelings of Monday ran over into Tues, leaving me feeling hung over. It was less than enjoyable. I missed my regularly schedule high-intensity training day.

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful: 75 degrees, Sunny…the perfect day. And, since I was feeling better, I decided to blow of all obligations and hit the road. I headed south into the winds, which were blowing 15, gusting to 30 out of the SW. I refused to let the wind get me down as I motored to Harrisonville. I hoped to ride for 4 hours, but the wind really worn me down. I ended up riding just under 3 hours.

Today I actually fell normal again. I’m off to Chicago on Sunday, just to keep the saga rolling…


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