Training vs. Traveling

Consistency is the cornerstone of any training program. And, in reviewing my training log, I’ve found that I’ve been very consistent this year…at traveling! I have been on the road at least one day out of the week for the past 7 weeks. This week is off to a consistent start. I leave for a 2-day trip to Philadelphia bright and early tomorrow morning.

Last week typifies my schedule. I left for Chicago late Sunday evening, worked all day Monday, and then returned home midday on Tuesday. Then, we spent Thurs and Fri in St. Louis, visiting family. That left Wed, Sat, & Sun (Easter) open for training. Despite the lack of time, I was able to squeeze in 130 miles–2 long-distance rides and 2 HIT workouts. (My weekly goal is 6 workouts, with 175+ miles each week.)

There is light at the end of the tunnel! My schedule has been congested with travel ever since SiriCOMM folded. Since then, I’ve been operating High Beam Networks, a company offering web and WiFi consulting services. Business has been good, but it’s also been in distant cities (Chicago, Altanta, Philadelphia, San Antonio). Last week I received 2.5 job offers (1/2 because it’s close but no formal offer so far), each with the promise of little to no travel. I’m in process of negotiating compensation with both and plan to make a decision by end of the week. Hopefully a full-time job will bring a little calm to my travel schedule and more consistency in training.


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