How Tough Am I?

On Friday, I wrote about Linus Gerdemann’s insane ability to withstand pain. Today, I answered the question and proved that I am not very tough.

I frequently have nagging pain in one or both of my hips. Last Saturday the pain reared up during a 3-hour ride. I road the last hour at granny speed for fear of aggravating things and causing actual damage. I also cut back on training this week thinking the pain could be related to IT band and overuse issues (I haven’t ruled this out yet).

Today, Tim and I set out for a 4 hour ride. The plan was to ride from home to Spring Hill and back with filler miles as need to reach our goal. The ride started great. That was short lived, though. After riding for a hour and a half, I started to feel that twinge in my hips. I changed my riding position but couldn’t find a comfortable spot. The pain wasn’t constant, but came only when I tried to mash the pedals going up hill. I decided to switch to high cadence spins while going up hills. That caused my hamstrings to wear out…quickly. Once again I was reduced to granny gearing steep hills. I was fine on flats and shallow climbs, which saved the ride from being a total waste.

My inability to ride through this pain was frustrating. Hopefully the prolonged break (6 days of travel for work) will provide enough break for the pain to subside.


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