Allowing over 1 month to pass without an update probably qualifies me as the a-typical blogger–set up the damn thing, write a few posts, and then forget about it. My absence hasn’t been due to lack of attention or desire but, in fact, a lack of time. If I’m not working or with the family, I’m on my bike. I’d much rather train than write! Plus, there hasn’t really been much of interest to write about lately. I’ve traveled a lot but those were work trips, meaning fly in, meet and fly out. Joy.

Fuji Team ProThe most exciting news of the past month is probably my new ride. I broke down and purchased a Fuji Team Pro frame and piled on my Dura Ace groupo and Ksyrium SL wheels. I was reluctant at first (probably more like spoiled going from a Scott CR1) because Fuji carries a stigma. After reading a few reviews on http://www.roadbikereview.com and other sources, I decided it was worth a shot. All-in-all I’m impressed with the ride. Fully assembled, the Fuji is only a few grams heavier than the CR1. On the plus side, the ride is slightly more comfortable, which I would expect to translate to loss of performance. Despite its Lazy-Boy comfort, it seems to move along pretty easily. The only negative feature I’ve realized so far is noticeable flex under heavy sprinting. It’s not mushy by any reason but the bottom bracket does flex ever so slightly under power. Overall, it’s very stable at speed and efficient enough for all-day rides.

Training remains on schedule. Mileage for last month was right on target. Fortunately, most miles are outside now. I’ve incorporated hill workouts, power workouts, and long, steady rides to my schedule. It’s so much easier to ride outside! I’ve updated my weight lifting to shift focus from building power to conditioning muscles in consideration of long hours spent in the saddle. Most of my workouts are completed with lighter weight and incorporate balance–one-leg rows, single-leg squats, one-sided dumbbell bench press, and so on. I’ve also included a lot of stretching that incorporates multiple muscle groups. Overall, the approach seems to be working. The biggest indicator is that I now ride pain free! No more hip pain or hamstring stress. It’s up to engine, now!!!

The biggest question remains: when will I race?


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