May Wrap Up

Another day turns into another month and still I have failed to enter a race. And, on some level, that’s alright with me. At the beginning of the season I mentally noted that I wanted to focus on mountain and cross racing. Perhaps that thought stuck a little more than I realized as I find myself less than enthusiastic about road racing this season.

Racing (or lack thereof) aside, I’m amazed at the speed with which May passed. It seems only yesterday that freezing temps and cloudy skies were the norm. Spring has rolled and summer is in full swing. Hallelujah! Perhaps May was a blur due to my excessive business travel schedule. I found myself on the road 7 of the last 10 working days. The trips weren’t all bad, as I was able to accomplish my goals. And, I even had the opportunity to carry my bike and ride new places. Mt Mitchell…not much more to say about that suffer fest!

With warmer temps, we [finally] had an opportunity to get the boys outside. Swimming pools all opened last week. While the water is still too cold for anything more than knee wading for me, Zack and Caleb both dove in head first and ask to swim daily. I’m waiting for the water to warm. We recently took them to Jiggle Jam, which featured They Might Be Giants. The concert was a little too crowded, so we spent the afternoon wondering around the vendor tents and carnival area. Hopefully that outting is a sign of times to come. We had a blast!

While I’m not riding, I’m still “training.” My fitness is holding true, too. Tim and I rode the Lone Star Century this past weekend. We set out to finish in 5 hours; we blew that goal away, finishing in 4:45. Fifteen minutes isn’t really blowing it away, but it took considerable effort to maintain at 21+ MPH average. We hit the turn in 2:15 but the hills and slight headwind slowed us on the ride home. Plus, I suffered a bit around mile 80 because I didn’t eat enough during the early miles. After a bar, a gel, and a little time to recover, I was able to pick up the pace and finish strong.

I plan to turn big miles in June and July, and then a small taper in August in preparation for starting the Cross season.


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