Some rides are better than others

The Bicycle Shack has a Tuesday night group ride that leaves downtown Lee’s Summit and loops twice around Longview Lake. Since this is a race-team ride, the pace is typically pretty hard, averaging 23+ MPH. And, I typically ride with the front pack. The group usually rides at a more leisurely pace for a few miles, and then kicks the pace into overdrive after turning onto Hook Road and keeps it in high gear through the duration of the ride. There’s also a few prim sprints here and there just to keep things interesting.

Tonight, the pace was immediately up around 25 and sometimes over 30. I have no idea why the pack strung things out, but it made for an interesting start. Things settle into a more normal pace after turning on Hook, and I found myself riding on the front through the rolling hills. Brett made a move off the front as we rolled over a hill, and I jumped on his wheel and went with him. We rotated through a few times as we tried to get away but the pack covered the move and soon came zipping by us. I sat up to rotate to the back…and just kept going. For some reason, perhaps too much effort with Brett, I found myself gapped and left to boil in no-mans land. I tried to close the gap, but the 10-12 person pack was moving much too fast.

What now? I tried to maintain a high pace but eventually just sat up. My legs were heavy from a hard ride on Saturday and I simply didn’t have it tonight. I don’t think I wanted to have it either. Indeed, some rides are better than others and that’s O.K.!


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