Kids and Logic

Yesterday, I took Zach to the dentist because he’s been complaining of a tooth ache, which seemed odd because he was just at the dentist about 3 months ago. Then, the dentist pointed out that Zach’s six-year molars will be coming up soon. (Zach calls them his 6 year moles!) At first, we thought this was the cause for his pain. But, after watching him, we noticed that he winced with hot or cold foods. Immediate indicator of a cavity.

Yesterday, his dentist, Gary, was poking around in his mouth and told him that he had a cavity. “Do you know how you got a cavity?”

Straight-faced and as honest as a six year old can be, Zach responded with a question: “A mosquito flew into my mouth and bit my tooth?”

That’s not the response Gary or I expected. Zach and I talked about cavities on the way to the dentist, so I expected the standard response. Chalk one up for creativity. But, it didn’t save him from having his tooth fixed.


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