Cross Weather

Yesterday I snuck away for a long ride. In fact, this was the longest I’ve ridden since cross season started. My training log shows lots of riding, but almost every ride is either short, hard efforts of 1+ hour or medium, easy efforts of 2+ hours. I was missing long training rides. So, yesterday I took off for a 3-hour tour.

What a tour it turned out to be. The wind was steady out of the east when I rolled out of the driverway, so I turned into the wind and pedaled on. I eventually made my way north around JoCoMo, thinking I would coast home with a NNE tailwind. I couldn’t have gotten the weather any more wrong! Just before I turned south to head home, the wind shifted to due south, the clouds rolled in dark and heavy and it started to rain (again). The driving rain and constant headwind made for pretty miserable riding conditions. Throw in dropping temps and I considered calling the meat wagon. That’s when I remembered that this is cross weather. Better get used to it now rather than on the race course!

This weekend are rounds 3 & 4 of the de Stad series, with two days of racing that make up the Smithville Cyclocross Festival [flyer]. The event web site states that the course is surprisingly dry considering the last 4 days have been rain soaked. For some odd reason, I’m hoping for muddy conditions. It’s just not cross season until you taste mud while pedaling on frozen toes. See you tomorrow!


One comment

  1. I *hate* that wind shifts can happen in the plains. You work your ass off, pedaling into the wind for hours, holding onto the hope taht within hours you’ll be able to enjoy a nice, strong tailwind. And it up and shifts on you. It’s the closest you can come to riding uphill both ways.

    But, like you said, it’s good training, especially for tri-pansy cross-wannabes like me.

    See you Sunday.

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