Bicycle Shack Spring Training Ride

The team is planning a spring training camp that will include at least one group ride. Today, several team members (and Jeremy Pych–he’ll always be part of the team even though he’s moved on to a new team) came together to ride one of the proposed routes. We met at the Linenger’s house in Greenwood and planned to ride through Raymore, south to Harrisonville, east to Gunn City, and then north through Lone Jack and Lake Lotawana before turning south for home. The route works out to 80 miles and is pretty much rolling hills with a few steeper inclines and no flat sections. A howling wind out of the SSW added to the fun.

We took off on schedule and froze for the first 30 minutes or so. The weatherman predicted a high around 70, and he and the weather didn’t let us down. It was right at freezing when we left, though. By the time we finished, around 1:00, the temps had risen to 65-70. The route didn’t disappoint, either. There were a few very rough sections near Harrisonville (those may be dropped for the camp ride). But, it’s winter and the damage from the snowplows hasn’t been repaired. Between the rough pavement and dirty roads, several riders suffered from flats. In fact, if there was a theme for this ride, it would be flats. It seemed that a flat happened every time the group settled into a rhythm.

With all the flats, the ride took a lot longer than was planned. So much so, I had to call home for a ride when we got to Lone Jack. Zach had a basketball game at 1:00 and there was no way I would make it on time. I dropped off and waited for the meat wagon. Which, that was fine by me because my legs were cooked. Lifting weights and cycling still don’t mix!

Ride Roster
Brian Bradley, Brian Laswell, Craig Eaton, Jim Rank, Ken Short, Kent Woerman, Mark Krause, Rick Krepps


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