Bicycle Shack Spring Training Camp

Bicycle ShackYesterday several BSR teammates converged on Greenwood, MO for a spring training camp. The camp was organized by Rick, the team president, to kick off the season with focus on teamwork and winning attitudes. Rick and everyone that pitched in put together a very successful camp. The only downside was the planned ride was canceled due to 5 fresh inches of snow that fell on Saturday. Despite that small change, camp proved be rewarding, purpose driven, and most importantly, fun!

The day kicked off with breakfast being served up by the team mom. Big shout out to Sandy and Jeff Lininger for opening their house and cooking for everyone! Eating breakfast together was a great way to start camp, allowing for a social aspect that set the mood for the day to come.

After a quick team meeting, everyone headed to Bert and Donna’s for an indoor trainer session. Jim organized an effective workout that included a pre-ride active stretching session, a 30-minute warm up, and then 35 minutes of trainer hell. I saw grimaces on every face in the room and found myself gasping for breath on a couple of intervals. Thanks Jim…I think!

Camp wrapped up with presentations covering everything from nutrition to race tactics by Mark, Kent, Jeremy, and Brian. As much as I wanted to stick around to learn from these guys, I simply couldn’t. It was also my birthday and the family had plans. I understand the sessions were very well presented and informative.

I had so much fun, I’m already thinking about the next training camp. Guys?


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