Family Trip – Day 5

Today was a burner, quiet literally. Zach woke up with a fever and a headache. His symptoms started yesterday and are textbook allergies: itchy eyes, “juicy” nose, and sneezing. A new environment and spring time are a toxic mix. Fortunately, Motrin and Claritin have done the trick so far.

With him waking up on the yucky side of the bed, we decided to take it easy during the morning. We lounged around, watching cartoons while eating breakfast. He finally started feeling better around 10:00, so we started getting ready for…what? We didn’t have any plans!

After checking a few web sites and brochures, we decided to visit the Fernbank Museum, which is a natural history museum complete with big dinosaur bones and interactive displays. It’s located just east of midtown, and directions from our hotel were pretty straightforward. A few lefts, a couple of right turns and we’d be there…except dad left the instructions in the room. D’OH! Since I didn’t realize this until we were well on our way, I decided to “man” it and go without directions. We wandered around and turned a lot but we made it. The banners hanging from the sign posts helped guide us through the last couple of miles or so. Whew!

The museum was OK; not quit as inspiring as the aquarium but educational while still being entertaining. The lobby opens to an expansive 40-foot atrium that houses two massive dinosaur fossils.
© Panorama Ray Herbert, III

We strolled through the musuem, taking in each of the permanent and special exhibitions. Each show was unique and special in its own right. The special, interactive exhibit on new dinosaur discoveries explored how scientists are rethinking many of the longstanding dino-mysteries. The best question: are they really extinct? The feathered dinos were interesting, too.

Science City and Kansas City could learn a lot by visiting Fernbank. Granted, Atlanta offers many more corporate sponsor options, which goes a long way in building something like this. But therein lyes the other lesson: Kansas City needs to change in order to attract more companies to the area.

Off the soap box and back to the important stuff.

We planned to go to either Stone Mountain or the zoo after Fernbank. But, we seem to be a one-trick family. Both boys fell asleep as soon as the car cooled down (it’s so nice to climb into a hot car instead of an ice cube!). By the time Zach woke up it was too late to visit either destination. Instead, we stopped by a local park and played for about an hour. Then, we headed for dinner and the hotel room. After a quick respit, the boys and I suited up and hit the pool while Traci ran on an eliptical trainer.

We’re now settled in for the night: Biggest Loser for the parents and Wall-e for the boys. We hope to get an earlier start tomorrow with a visit to the zoo and maybe Stone Mountain. We also need to plan a small birthday celebration for Zach.


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