Shack-ability? I’m not sure what that means, other than I’ve been focused on Shack all week. During team camp, I offered to help support the web site, and after letting too many days pass, I finally decided to get started. I’m in the process of adding events to the calendar and re-familiarizing myself with the admin panel. WYSIWIG editors are great…provided you are familiar with the interface. I prefer the old school method: text editor and file directory. But, editors have their place and the BSR web site is a perfect example. If only I could figure out how to filter forum posts by date…

Since this entry is shack-ability, I should probably mention training. I haven’t posted much about riding or training, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t happening! I’m doing a better job of sticking to my plan this year. I laid out a pretty concise plan that includes plenty of recovery, weights, and yoga in addition to normal bike training. This year I’m also using power during training rides. That brings a whole new level of suffer to some workouts! I don’t have any races on the calendar…yet. I plan to get started with a few mountain bike events later this month and will add in select road events during the summer.

I joined the Bicycle Shack group ride on Wednesday night despite that inner voice that kept screaming “No!” Wednesday is typically a recovery ride and I knew that if I showed up that I couldn’t resist the urge to ride with the front group. But, I convinced myself that I could join the group and ride at recovery pace. It was simply a matter of topping the hill on High Grove/Scherer and then sitting up. Yeah right. I kept my effort on the hill in check and sat up slightly to let the group roll by on the downhill. Then, as the last guy rolled by, that too-familiar twitch set in and I jumped to grab his wheel. Despite the screaming to sit from the logical, training focused side of me I continued to match the effort. By the time the group turned onto Hook, I was leading the pack and pushing the effort on the hills. The logical side finally won the fight as we turned on to old Raytown Road and I sat up. But, it was too late and I knew it.

Yesterday, I climbed onto the saddle and never had it. Thursday brings the hardest effort of the week with multiple isolated-leg intervals and hill repeats with surges. I made it through warm ups and spin ups and knew as soon as I started ILT that I was tired. I labored through the workout and then focused on recovering. Yoga never felt so good! Fortunately, next week is a “recovery” week, which means slightly less effort, both intensity and duration. The long and short of it: no more mid-week group rides until I finish the current training cycle.

Now, how do I order forum entries by date?


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