Smells Like CX (+ Saturday’s Story)

I became a little anxious last week and laced up the knobbies…OH YEAH! I’m ready for cross season! I’m 3 weeks into a training program I put together to peak fitness (but not too much) for the start of the season. So far, results are great! But, I gotta start running…

I’ve been on several group rides since I started the training program and the results were noticeable almost immediately. I’m now able to sit in with the front group with relative [sic] ease.

Today was the weekly Bicycle 101 ride that leaves Longview Recreation Center. The damp roads kept most folks in, which was a shame because the weather was almost perfect. I say almost only because the wind was a nuisance out of the WNW. I didn’t count, but would guess there were around 20 folks on the ride.

The ride to Casey’s was E-Z, thanks to a tailwind most of the way out. The return ride stung a little bit, but that was short lived. By the time we reached County Line, the group was reduced to 5–Eric B., Kent W., Tim C., a Velotek rider (great to see a new kit on the ride!), and me. Someone, either Eric or Kent, I think, dropped the hammer as we headed west on County Line, dropping the Velotek rider. Then, Tim flatted. 5 was now 3. We hammered the first hill, sat in until the base of the last hill before the outer road, and then all hell broke loose. Kent set a sharp tempo up the the last tier, and then I buried myself with a little move. It was hard enough that my legs never really came back.

Eric turned for home, so Kent and I set into a crispy rotation, each pulling for about 45 seconds. That lasted until the neighborhood, and then we asked, “Why?” Between the wind and the fact that there was only two of us, there didn’t seem to be much reason in hammering all the way back. We dropped the pace to a solid tempo ride and rode in like that.

The second group on the road (Reggie, Steve’s dad, Velotek rider, and maybe one or two more) caught us near the damn. Kent and I picked up the pace to match their speed, and we all rode in together. Reggie technically got the “win” with a salty explosion on View High Dr. Hats off, Reggie!

Just to bring this make to the main subject…I’m counting the days until 9/17.


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