Boss Cross #1

Sometimes, it just happens like that. Or, in this case like this:

  • Start: not great, not bad. Clipped in with no problem and on the gas with the pack. I rounded the first corner sitting mid pack.
  • Lap One, sand pit: rider in front of me washed out as he was leaving the pit. I avoided hitting him, but blew the corner. Two or three riders behind me went down. I spent the next 1/4 of the lap closing a small gap that opened.
  • Lap One, twisty-turny section: I had just caught the pack and was hoping for few minutes to recover. Instead, two riders came together and both went down. Huge gap opened by the time I waded through the carnage.
  • Laps Two – Four: just keep moving up. Got around 3 or 4 riders.
  • Lap Four, gravel to grass: totally blew the corner. Busted through the tape twice and allowed 1 rider to pass me.
  • Lap Five, run-up: TOE CRAMP! What a way to go. This section dropped downhill on concrete, then turned a hard 90 in loose sandy dirt before shooting back up the riverbank. I dabbed as I rounded the corner and stretched a little too far trying to reach the ground. That little move caused the middle toe on my right foot to cramp up. I thought I could ride through it but it never went away. It was still cramped and sticking straight up at the end of the race. Power was cut to almost zero…I struggled to hold position and just finish.
  • Lap Six: ready for this to be over.

I haven’t seen results, but I think I finished around 8th. Not bad but also not as high as I wanted. Boss Cross #2 is tomorrow on the same course, only running the opposite direction. I thought about going but decided to skip it. I saw and felt a few things today that need attention. I’m not ready for racing two days in a row.


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