Veterans Cross

What we do in life will echo through eternity. – Maximus

For me, at leat today, that would be a booming D.N.F.


The courses at St. Mary’s are always challenging for me. For some reason, I can’t carry speed across the rough terrain. And the course today, despite being a really fun, fast layout, was bone-jarring rough. During warm ups, I played with tire pressure and was able to find a happy medium: smoothed out the bumps a bit without bobbing up the pave hill. I also had a little fun and aired it out over the little hump after the fast downhill. wOOt! wOOt!.

After riding the course a few times, I watched a few laps of the Open race and then set out to warm up. Everything seeemd fine–plenty of zip during sprints and no complaints from the engine room during tempo efforts. I thought I was in for a good race. But…whistle. bang. pop.

I’m not sure what happened today other than I didn’t have any fight in me and a serious headache set in during the second lap. I tried to ride though it, but, as Chris said to me as I walked through the second barrier setrt on the fourth lap,” Sometimes you just gotta say f* it!” And I did. I rode the rest of the lap, and as I cross the line, I notified the officials that I was out. I rolled straight to the car, changed clothes and drove home.

The headache persists…


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