Rain, Rain…

just won’t go away! I didn’t have it in me to be soaked this weekend, so my plans for a 200-mile weekend didn’t happen. I planned to ride 125 miles on Saturday and the remaining miles on Sunday.

Saturday, I woke up to the wonderful sight of the trees being bent in half by strong SSE winds (gusting to 30+ MPH). At least it wasn’t raining! I suited up and left the house just after 6:30 and it took forever to get going. Every time I picked up the pace, a gust of wind would sit me back on the saddle. Joy. I made my way to Mission Road, south to 199th and on to Peculiar and Harrisonville. As I headed east through Harrisonville (to Gunn City) I realized that I might be able to catch the Bicycle Shack Saturday ride. I turned around and let the strong tailwind blow me to Raytown.

I pulled into Casey’s at the same time as the pack. With 65 miles already in my legs, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to hammer back, especially knowing I would ride another 40 once we reached the college. But, “Go” means go, so I went. The start was much slower than normal despite the strong tail wind. After a few, Brian Quissell, Fireman Mark and I kicked up the pace and opened a small gap that stuck until the first hill on County Line. As soon as the group caught us, Brian and I dropped the gas again and used the hill to open another gap. This one stuck all the way home. We rolled in together with an average just over 24 MPH.

While we sat in the parking lot talking, dark heavy clouds rolled in from the south. I pulled out my phone and checked radar: heavy rain right on the door step. It took all of 1 second for everyone to pack up and head out. I was right there with them, and I decide that I wasn’t riding in the rain, no matter what goal I had for the day. Wind or rain, OK. Both…not so much. So, I turned for home. I rolled in the driveway with the first heavy raindrops plopping on my shoulders. It rained the rest of the day.

I thought I would make up some of the missed miles today, with a 3-hour ride in the AM and then a 2-hour ride in the afternoon. Yeah right. When I looked outside this morning, the winds had shifted to the west but were still blowing 15-30. And to top it off, it was raining. I went back to bed. I jumped on the trainer later in the morning and hammered out a 40K time trial. Back-to-back hard efforts were not on the schedule for this weekend. I plan to kick up the effort this week, with 2 hard week-day rides and then 2 long (100+) rides on the weekend…as long as it doesn’t rain.



    1. always showing off, right!? =)

      It’s tough to go out and ride long distances rather than join you every Saturday morning. Hopefully the change in focus will continue to improve overall fitness…

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