Inaugural Noodles & Co Hill Ride

Yesterday was the first Bicycle Shack Hill Training Ride, aka the Noodles & Co Hill Ride. It’s always tough to start a new ride, and this one proved to be no different. I put the word out on Facebook and enlisted Ben’s help to promote the ride. Despite out efforts, the turnout was low with only 4 showing up. Hopefully the wind didn’t keep people away! While it was strong out of the south (gusting over 30 MPH), it never really impacted the ride.

I realized after the ride that the low turnout was actually a good thing. The small group provided a chance to feel out the course and consider improvement. For instance, a few of the markers are too close to the turn, and as a result they are not very effective. The intersection at NE Fairway Homes and NE St. Andrews Cir is very confusing, too. I’ll try to fix those this week.

The four that showed up were Ben Simon, Kyle Skinner, Jeff Allen, and myself. There was enough horsepower in our small group to make the ride plenty tough. Perhaps the best way to summarize it is to say that we completed 2 Lakewood circuits with no one getting dropped. The only story of the night was the finishing climb on Rhinehart. The four of us started together but Kyle easily rode off the front, finishing 100+ meters ahead of us. He blamed it on his recent race in Arkansas and the long, steady climbs there. But, strong is strong and he was gone!

After the ride, we talked about possible changes but ultimately agreed that the route should stay as-is for a few more rides. So, next Thursday, 6:00PM…


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