WADA, Bad Meat, and One Giant “WTF?”

If you follow cycling, you’ve surely seen the news: Contador tested positive during the 2010 Tour de France. The news doesn’t really surprise me. It’s just another chapter in an ever-growing saga of a seemingly endless battle. Then I read Contador’s excuse that the positive test was caused by “bad food.”

Are you kidding me?! Surely there’s a better excuse than “my food did this to me.” At least Floyd Landis was creative in explaining how his body became infected by enhancing compounds. Leaves me asking, “what will they think of next?”

The Doping Race

While trolling the web tonight, I found an interesting spot on CNN that actually supports his claim. It doesn’t directly support it, but the doctor explains how clenbuterol, a drug that reduces fat while building skeletal muscle and the substance that was found in Contador’s urine sample, could be ingested by eating meat from an animal that was fed the substance. Eating meat tainted with clenbuterol typical results in illness, ranging from a headache to increased heart rate to muscle tremors. Doesn’t really sound like something that could be endured while racing around France. While the doctor claims it could happen, he also states that it could also be “a bunch of malarkey.”

I tend to side with the latter. But, reading these stories causes me to think “really?” When is enough enough? If things continue, professional bike racing will be limited to athletes that are born, raised, and trained in completely controlled environments. Where’s the fun in that?


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