2010 CX Season. Over.

This past Sunday I raced the De Stad Cross Cup at St. Mary’s College. Just like every year, the course was by far the best of the season. A bit difficult due to soggy, power-tapping ground in a few spots but otherwise fun as hell. Chris has a knack for utilizing the campus to create a fun and challenging course. And those cobbles…

Despite a great start, I found myself only going backwards…and not caring about it. I moved up to 3rd wheel by the first turn, but two turns later, I let the next guy back pass me. And then the next. And then another. Half a lap in I realized I didn’t have any fight in me. D’OH! I twisted through the course, trying to make the most of it but I never really felt like racing. And that’s the real story.

I finished 9th; not terrible but also not as good as the previous races this year. Mentally and physically exhausted, I decided to take off Monday, and then I ended up taking off Tuesday, too. I rode for a little over an hour Wednesday morning just to get the legs going again, only to find myself fighting a stomach thing that afternoon. It still lingers today. I’m starting to realize that this–lack of motivation in the race, sore legs, low immune system–is my body’s way of saying, “take a break!” So today I pulled out the calendar to plan the end of the season. Problem is, the season ended without me really knowing it. Here’s how…

  • Racing tomorrow (Manion’s Cross) is out after being sick all week
  • No races next weekend for Thanksgiving
  • The next race, the Boss Cross MO state race, is December 4. But, we’re out of town for a family function that weekend
  • After that, the next race is 12/31.

Rather than take a break only to come back to race in frigid temps, I’ve decided to call it a season. I’m tired and my body is pushing back pretty damn hard. I plan to take next week off…just to make sure I’m over being overtrained, and then I’ll hit the weights. This isn’t how I wanted this year to go, but some times you just gotta go with the flow. Yes, I’m a dead fish.


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