Hillbilly Snowboarding (and a Saturday Ride Report)

Ever see someone get road rash on snow?

Mom and the brothers came to town this weekend for a visit and a snowboarding trip to Snow Creek. That would be Missouri, not Colorado. This was our first time to ski Snow Creek and I have to say it was less than enjoyable. Overall, we had a good time…it’s hard for us to get together and not have fun. But, with temps in the 70’s and rain yesterday, the conditions weren’t good. It was more muddy ice than snow. That, and lift tickets were just as expensive as Colorado. Ouch!

I took two runs and called it quits. It was way too icy and muddy for me. Matt and Ben were a bit more daring and spent 3 hours sliding down the hill. Then, during the last run, on the flat section leading to the patio, Ben dug his front rail and absolutely blew it. He tried to tuck and roll but instead stuck his elbow, and then flipped and slid on his back and shoulder. He was rashed from shoulder to ass, with nasty diggers on the tops of both knees. He was fine…fine enough for us to laugh at him, but it had it hurt. It was a bad ending to bad boarding.

Zach and Traci spent the day on skis. In spite of the dicey conditions, Zach was able to learn how to ski. If only he could learn how to get on the lift with both skis…

Yesterday, I planned to join the Saturday Morning Group Ride but I couldn’t find the group! Sounds silly, I know, but with cool temps and wet roads I guessed everyone stayed home. I checked the lot and then cruised by JP’s and found no bikes. So I set out alone.  Turns out there was a group, but they did laps around the lake instead of the normal route.

There’s really not much story to tell, just 2 hours of tempo riding. I wanted to mention it, though, because the route has a few sections that everyone should know about, especially before next Saturday.

  • Longview Road is now open at Ward Road! Back to the old starting section?
  • Ward at 150 Hwy is still under construction. Southbound traffic now shifts just before/after crossing 150. The pavement is in terrible shape on both sides of the highway. Ride with caution!
  • 155th St/County Line Road had a fresh coat of chip-and-seal applied last fall. I think the paving crew had no idea what they were doing because 10-15% of the topping didn’t make it through the winter. In both directions, the new sealant has worn away to old black top. While chip-and-seal is rough, the remnants are much worse! From Pryor to Horridge is rougher than most gravel roads.
  • 71 Hwy Outer Road bridge over 150 Hwy is OPEN! It’s so nice to sail along without the stop light. But, the new bridge brings a whole new challenge…a 6% hump in the road.
  • Raytown Road is still the same as always. The only excitement this ride was the stiff east wind and listening to my tires bounce over the tar strips: ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump.

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