Stolen, Never to be Replaced

Steve Tilford has an excellent blog post that really sums up doping and racing. Steve recaps a conversation with Nick Frey, professional racer with the Jamis pro team, about a stage in the Tour of Chile. Nick was the set-up guy, delivering Tyler Wren, the teams climber, to the base of the finishing climb. In spite of a 0:06:30 lead at the base of the climb, Tyler was caught with less than 1km to go by a single racer. According to Tyler, the guy was, “breathing through his nose” as flew past. Turns out the racer tested positive, and was only able to accomplish the feat because he was “supercharged.” That seems to be the story of pro racing these days.

While the story is interesting to read, a comment that Nick emailed to Steve really says it all, and is the main point of this post:

How could anyone be so stupid and selfish at this point? Don’t these guys love the sport like we do? If it was a matter of getting a job to make money, go f*ing wrench on cars or sell life insurance.


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