Boss Cross 2 Race Report – 2011 Season Opener

…and it wasn’t the opener I wanted. It seems the start was about the best part of my race today. I rolled off the gravel section and on to the grass in 10th place, which was fine as long as I could see the leaders. We twisted through the first section as a group, but things quickly came undone when 4 guys fell on the steep, loose-dirt run up just before the sand pit. I screeched to a halt and watch the 3 leaders ride away. The stop wasn’t too long, but it was long enough for the 3 up front to open an impossible gap. I started chasing but never really made up any ground. Then, on the 3rd lap, I stepped awkwardly into the sand pit and immediately felt a searing pain in my lower back. I was able to keep going but two laps later I hobbled along with no power or speed. I cruised half-assed for the next 5 laps and called it a day, finishing 13th out of 31.

There’s always next weekend!


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