Boss Cross 3

Wee-haw! Now that’s cross racing. My results (9/21) don’t really show how much fun I had at Boss Cross III. The course was a great mix of flowing lines, straight aways on rough, grassy/dusty ground, and a short section on the BMX track. Dropping off the high berm to the 3 jump sections took me right back to the old days–Redline PL and the Cathedral City BMX track. A tabletop crossed my mind for a fleeting second, but then I was jerked back to reality when I dropped off the track on the loose dirt corner. In the end, the rough sections were a bit much and eventually wore out my back.

During warm ups I knew this race would be challenging. I still haven’t figured out how to get power to the ground when it’s really rough. And, this course had plenty of roughness. There was only one challenging section. Just before the BMX track the course dropped down into a small ravine and then quickly turned back up to a steep bump with a log laying across the top. It was pretty easy to ride over the log; the tight 180-degree turn on loose gravel just beyond it was the real problem. I tried several times during warm ups but never figured out the timing. I finally gave up and decided to run the entire section. After that, it was pretty much all power. Oh yeah, that and bouncing and bounding and bumping and thumping.

The race, from start to finish, was pretty uneventful. I raced in no man’s land for several laps until I eventually bridged up the lead pack of 5. But, as soon as I caught them, I popped off the back after bobbling across the barriers. It wasn’t a bad bobble but it was enough to shake me mentally. After that the barriers seemed to grow taller and become more challenging on each subsequent lap. Despite my conscience efforts to forget about em, I let them get to me every lap. It culminated in me dropping my chain while dismount with 1 to go. That little error cost me 2 places. I finished in 9th with a sore back and a bike that needs a major tune up and tightening up.

Zach raced earlier in the day and had a great time. This was his first race of the season–probably the first time he’s ridden his bike in months because of soccer, so I told him to focus on riding his own race. He lined up with 11 other juniors, 4 of whom were over 15, and the rest were 10-14. The start left me a little worried. He was last off the line and never really “got into it.” His slow start began to pay off pretty quickly, though with him passing 2 racers on the first lap. Even though I was standing half the course away from the BMX track, I could see the smile on his face as he rolled over the jumps. I knew then that he would be alright. He picked up the pace a bit more and slowly started reeling in the other riders. From where I watched, it looked like his last lap was his fastest. For some reason, he officially placed in last place even though he finished just behind Will Marshall. Any other time I would have contested the results, but since he’s not racing on a license there was really no purpose.

Zach starting at Boss Cross 3 - Raytown BMX

Zach racing the jumps at Boss Cross 3 - Raytown BMX


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