2017 Dirty Kanza Training Plan

In 2015, I offered my personal DK training plan free to anyone that wanted a copy. After sharing a copy with 100’s of folks over the past 2 years, I thought I would update the plan for 2017 and offer it again. So, if you’re looking for a quality training plan that will help you achieve your goals in Emporia, leave a comment and I’ll get a copy to you.

Here’s what a rider that followed the plan last year had to say about the plan:

Training with the plan increased my FTP by about 10% and I’m climbing better than I ever have. The plan was tough, but it helped out very much getting prepared for the 2016 DK200 where about half the field DNF. I made it in to the faster half of my age group (60+ Male). This was my 4th gravel ride ever and my first ultra distance ride. The training along with good mental prep, bike prep and nutrition plan all came together nicely for me. It wasn’t until the last hour really that I noticed my legs getting a bit tired (guess I should have ridden harder!). – Steve

As Steve said, the plan is tough. It is demanding and it will push you.  The results are worth it! The Dirty Kanza is waiting…

And, there’s no catch. I won’t email you or market anything to you. I created this plan for myself (I used it 2 times) but was taken off the bike by an injury suffered while playing baseball. Rather than just let the plan waste away, I thought I would help out as many people as I can so they can show up in Emporia and crush their goal.


DK200 Training Plan



  1. I’ll be a first-timer for the 2017 DK200. A copy of your plan would be awesome! Thank you for your generous offer. Cheers!

  2. Hoping to be on the line this year at DK!
    Please send copy of your training plan. Thanks so much for developing and sharing!

    1. Hey, Raymond. The email address you provided bounced. Send me another email address and I’ll get a copy of the plan to you.

  3. Wow! very generous of you to share your training plan. Way to play it forward for the biking community! Would love a copy! Thanks so much to sharing!

  4. I’m riding the DK 200 for the first time. Would love to get a copy of your training plan. Thanks so much for making this available.

  5. Kory,

    Can I get your training plan for the dk100? Would like to finish this year. Wind and heat (and lack of training) got the best of me in 2016.


  6. I would love a copy. I’m attempting it for the first time this year and this would give me some much needed guidance. Much appreciated!

  7. My husband is doing the Dirty Kanza for the first time. I’m providing support. I’d love a copy to help him stay on track 😉 .

  8. What are we…10 weeks out?! Yikes! I’d love to see your plan to see how my training compares at this point. Thanks for sharing the plan and your experience! First time trying to tackle the 200.

  9. I’ll take a copy of the 100 mi. half-pint plan. My “training” fell apart 3-4 weeks ago with the flu. As Mr. Incredible would say, “I’ve got time!”

  10. I’m not able to compete this year but looking forward to the 2018 race. I’d like to get a copy of the plan if possible, thanks in advance! Best of luck to all racers in 2017!

  11. Would love to see your training plan. On my 2nd DK200 and training with a ton of volume, but thinking I should be working some intervals and such into this. Looking for insight.

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