Ask any cyclist about a chain ring tattoo and chances are they will scoff at you. I remember the first time I noticed the greasy, grimy mark on my right calf. I was with a large group of seasoned riders and, to make light of the novice’s problem, I mentioned that I should just get a tattoo over the grease print. That way I will have a reason for wearing a black ring on my calf. The comment drew blank stairs. Then, one kind soul spoke up and told me that every cyclist says the same thing at some point. Ah! Talk about rolling at the back of the pack.

I started Chain Ring Tattoo to revel in the joys of being cliche. Hopefully my writings won’t be, though! With family and friends spread across the country, the first purpose was to keep folks updated, to share training notes and race results, and to rile a few feathers. Blog subjects range from quips to heart-felt stories of a lowly man trying to balance the three-part teeter totter of family/work/bike racing to rants and observations from a [starving] artist living in the business world. Read on and please leave a comment. A simple “hi!” will do.



  1. Hey Kory,

    Great blog! We stumbled upon it looking into the DK200…. Keep up the good work! Anyway we could take a peak at your training plan. My wife is looking to race it next year.



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